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Berlin is the eighth city and the fourth city of Europe in Gummy Drop!.


You arrived in Berlin by chariot to rebuild the monuments.
After you rebuilt all the monuments, you will travel by a hot air balloon to New Orleans.

Souvenir symbols

  • Berlin Souvenir1.pngBear
  • Berlin Souvenir2.pngGreen Ampelmännchen
  • Berlin Souvenir3.pngRed Ampelmännchen


Achievement Image Reward Passport Stamp
Build all monuments GummyDrop BuiltAllMonuments.png
Intern: Complete all level 1 Passport Intern Box.png Shovel.pngx1
Passport Level1Stamp.png
Architect: Complete all level 2 Passport Architect Box.png Passport Level2Stamp.png
Master Builder: Complete all level 3 Passport MasterBuilder.png Passport Level3Stamp.png
Build 100% of city Passport CityComplete Box.png Passport CompleteStamp.png



This city contains 199 levels, consists of 120 normal levels, 59 side-levels, and 20 Helping Hand levels.


Helping Hand levels

Special Item Missions

# Levels Special Item Image Reward Citizen Character Quote
1 1-10 10 shoes Orange Brick.png60,000 "Guten Morgen to you! I need walking shoes! Can you help me put my best foot forwards?"
2 11-20 10 ear plugs Orange Brick.png70,000 "The team is ready to take the plunge! Can you find them some eat plugs?"
3 21-30 10 straps Orange Brick.png100,000 "I must shoulder more responsibility! Can you help me find straps?"
4 31-40 10 cds Blue Hat.png100,000 "To design my smart house, I must get with the program! Can you find some?"
41-50 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
5 51-60 10 gloves Blue Hat.png110,000 "The museum exhibit is so delicate! Can yoou get your hands on some gloves?"
6 61-70 10 ties Blue Hat.png100,000 "I need more arresting ties! Can you help me find some?"
71-80 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
7 81-90 10 googles Pink Gem.png110,000 "Can you help me get in the swim by finding googles?"
8 91-100 10 pamphlets x60px Pink Gem.png100,000 "I'm not smart enought to build a smart house! Can you find information pamphlets?"
9 101-110 10 masks Blue Hat.png120,000 "Museum renovation is a dirty job - can you help mask the dust?"
10 111-120 10 shields Pink Gem.png100,000 "Police work can be dangerous - can you help shield me from it?"

Helping Locals

# Level Citizen Spend Reward
1 6 Pink Gem.png1,000,000 Orange Brick.png1,500,000
2 48 None Orange Brick.png500,000
3 73 Orange Brick.png1,000,000 Blue Hat.png1,500,000
4 92 None Green Gem.png7

Blue Hat.png1,000,000

5 103 Coin.png550 Blue Hat.png1,500,000

Green Gem.png15

Mystery Boxes

There are no mystery boxes in this city.


This track plays while on the city map.

Quotes by Sam

  • "Get building in Berlin!"
  • "Hallo, Berlin!"
  • "Have a look at historic Berlin!"
  • "It's better in Berlin!"
  • "Welcome to beautiful Berlin!"


  • This is the city where you can discover two new obstacles such as Breakable Walls, Unbreakable Walls and Regenerating Smileys.
  • The bear souvenir also appears in Anchorage and Nizhny Novgorod.