• Crimson Kid

    An Update from Me

    July 20, 2018 by Crimson Kid

    I thought it would be best to type down what I've been doing since I've been inactive here.

    I've gotten myself to contribute to other wikis, which include Bejeweled and Dungeon Boss - a mobile RPG published by Big Fish Games. What I was doing was gather and upload images, go through the files to assemble images and find the text strings that'd prove useful for wiki purposes, and I guess learn a thing or two on what I could improve on.

    I think about this wiki - the Gummy Drop Wiki! You know, I work and venture through those two wikis I mentioned above and it's opened my eyes on what I could establish and improve here. Obviously, there's a lot of missing info that's needs filling. Let's not forget about images that'll prove useful for pages. Althou…

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  • Crimson Kid

    Treasure Hunt

    April 28, 2018 by Crimson Kid

    I stumbled upon this site talking about a new upcoming challenge called Treasure Hunt. It'll go along with Everest Challenge and the Marathon Challenge.

    Now, this did show up in the level files, but I didn't fully understand the challenge. Regardless, keep an eye out for this new challenge! :D

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  • Blueboy2419

    OK, I have completed all levels of New York but can't get my end ofcity rewards. The Passport page says 1273/1278 complete and when i click on it the only thing outstanding is 'Upgraded Resource Port 0/5 times'.

    If I click on the resource ort in the New York level I get the message 'Your Boat is waiting for you in Vancouver'

    I haven't been to Vancouver and don't understand why I get this message. Any Help?

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  • Iceice33

    Yellow text

    September 23, 2017 by Iceice33

    Yellow text mentioned in each city:

    • Sydney: "Australia is awesome!"
    • Tokyo: "Tokyo is terrific!"

    Please mention of all cities with yellow text while reviewing the monuments (including Event Cities).

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  • Crimson Kid

    Hi, everyone!

    On September 18, 2017, a new update for Gummy Drop! arrives. This is part of the 3-year anniversary of the game since the official release (on the iOS App Store ).

    Check out the update notes below (taken from Amazon ). Also, check out Google Play .

    • Join us in celebrating Gummy Drop!'s 3rd birthday! To say thanks for all the support you've given us over the years, we're giving YOU the gifts!
    • Like DAILY REWARDS? Now, every day you play you'll get a new reward. Play for 30 days in a row and you'll find a HUGE reward waiting!
    • Did you know there are 57 amazing cities to visit in Gummy? Did you also know that you can unlock any of those cities at any time using Travel Vouchers? We like you all so much that we're giving everyone a TOTALL…

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  • Crimson Kid

    G'day, visitors! This is Crimson, the one who founded this wiki. I am here to adress my inactivity and share my thoughts.

    About a year ago, I took a break away from here since I had a lot of things to deal with. There was school and managing my life for a brighter future IRL. But the major conflict was that I ended up being overwhelmed with the idea of managing a wiki that would provide plentiful amount of content.

    Since I made that desicion, I feel like I'm sabotaging what could be a potential site for level guides, tips and tricks, and more by not participating. :(

    I happen to follow the Gummy Drop Facebook page to see their latest posts, view comments from other players, and even engaging with the community. Recently, I saw a Visitor Post m…

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  • Crimson Kid

    Project GD

    March 12, 2016 by Crimson Kid

    This is Crimson - Crimson the Kid.

    I am proposing a project idea that will be a way to gather information for the Wikia. I present to you... Project GD!

    Now, I will prepare myself by creating a new game account for Gummy Drop! (on mobile). New profile, new game! And it will be on mobile since there's a LOT of content to write down.

    Once the account is set up and ready to go, I will take things slowly as I will be taking notes. Notes for things such as building resource costs, what each local gives and requires, map changes, and more! I'll also be taking sceenshots for things like levels, their paths, and other purposes.

    Wish me luck on this! :)

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