Comic Convention is the 18th special city in Gummy Drop!.

As it has a limited time of 10 days to rebuild it's monuments.

The stamp symbol in this event city is an exclamation point.


You arrived in Comic Convention to rebuild the monuments.
Once all the monuments are built, you'll exit with various gummies floating around.


Welcome to the Comic Convention! These goals will help you enjoy the show:
  • Collect all the gummies!
  • Meet the awesome attendees!

Souvenir symbols

  • Square gummy


Upon rebuilding both monuments, you'll be rewarded with coins and select boosters.


This city contains 22 levels, consisting of 20 normal levels and 2 Helping Hand levels.

Helping Hand levels


For handling both monuments, it is recommended to collect blue hats from Locals asking for 10 items and Play Cards after the Helping Hand levels.

As the 2nd monument, Gummy Globe, requires Blue Hat 580,000, you can collect the remaining amount of hats from replaying and completing levels. An alternative is purchasing with Coins from the Trade Center.

Quotes by Sam

  • "Game on! You've made it to the Comic Convention!"
  • "Get your costume ready! You're at the Comic Convention!"
  • "Hope you're feeling heroic! You've made it to the Comic Convention!"
  • "There's something for everyone at the Comic Convention!"
  • "Welcome to the Comic Convention!"


  • This event city has the lowest amount with 20 levels and no side-levels.
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