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Dallas is the 125th city in Gummy Drop!.


You arrived in Dallas by train (DART) to rebuild the monuments.
After you built all the monuments, you will travel by blue cargo plane to Kampala.

Souvenir symbols

  • Dallas Souvenir1.pngArtists palette
  • Dallas Souvenir2.pngCup trophy
  • Dallas Souvenir3.pngCowboy hat


Achievement Image Reward Passport Stamp
Build all monuments GummyDrop BuiltAllMonuments.png
Intern: Complete all level 1 Passport Intern Box.png Passport Level1Stamp.png
Architect: Complete all level 2 Passport Architect Box.png Passport Level2Stamp.png
Master Builder: Complete all level 3 Passport MasterBuilder.png Passport Level3Stamp.png
Build 100% of city Passport CityComplete Box.png Passport CompleteStamp.png



This city contains 173 levels, consisting of 120 normal levels, 41 side-levels, and 12 Helping Hand levels.


# Monument Levels Requirement Image
Bricks Hats Gems Green Gems
1 Reunion Tower 1-10 95,000
Dallas Stamp01.png
Known locally as "The Ball," this 561ft observation tower was completed in 1978. The inside features an interactive digital experience highlighting other Dallas landmarks, while 259 custom color-changing LEDs cover the outside, which are programmed to reflect important events.
2 Dallas Union Station 11-20 220,000
Dallas Stamp02.png
The station was built in 1916 as a train station, but it was converted to a light rail system, in the 1990's. During this renovation a series of murals that once adorned the walls of the old City Hall were partially recreated along the train platforms.
3 Dallas County Courthouse 21-30 250,000 - - 2
Dallas Stamp03.png
Built in 1892, the "Old Red Courthouse" was replaced by a newer facility nearby in 1966 but became an official landmark in 1976. Today, the stunningly restored and rededicated building is a museum of Dallas's history.
4 Dallas City Hall 31-40 280,000 - - 2
Dallas Stamp04.png
This building's signature inverted pyramid design was the result of the need for additional space for government offices. The overhanging upper floors provided more room than the public areas on the lower floors.
5 First Presbyterian Church of Dallas 41-50
Dallas Stamp05.png
6 Dallas Municipal Building 51-60
Dallas Stamp06.png
7 Majestic Theater 61-70
Dallas Stamp07.png
8 Kirby Building 71-80
Dallas Stamp08.png
9 Post Office and Courthouse 81-90
Dallas Stamp09.png
10 Dallas High School 91-100
Dallas Stamp10.png
11 Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center 101-110
Dallas Stamp11.png
12 Perot Museum of Nature and Science 111-120
Dallas Stamp12.png

Helping Hand levels

Special Item Missions

# Levels Special Item Image Reward Citizen Character Quote
1 1-10 Dallas SpecialItem01.png
2 11-20 Dallas SpecialItem02.png
3 21-30 Dallas SpecialItem03.png
4 31-40 Dallas SpecialItem04.png
41-50 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
5 51-60 x60px
6 61-70 x60px
7 71-80 x60px
81-90 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
8 91-100 x60px
9 101-110 x60px
10 111-120 x60px

Helping Locals

# Level Spend Reward

Mystery Boxes

# Level Reward


This track plays while on the city map.

Quotes by Sam

  • "Howdy! Welcome to Dallas!"


  • The artists palette souvenir also appears in Dar es Salaam and Paris.
  • The cowboy hat souvenir also appears in Nashville.
  • The cup trophy souvenir also appears in Denver.
  • The background music resembles the theme tune of the 1970s TV series Dallas. [1]