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Denver is the 117th city in Gummy Drop!


You arrived in Denver by turboprop airplane to rebuild the monuments.
After you built all the monuments, you will travel by train to Pretoria.

Souvenir symbols

  • Denver Souvenir1.pngCup Trophy
  • Denver Souvenir2.pngSnow-capped Peak
  • Denver Souvenir3.pngVacuum Flask


Achievement Image Reward Passport Stamp
Build all monuments GummyDrop BuiltAllMonuments.png Coin.pngx120
Heart.png(refill lives)
Intern: Complete all level 1 Passport Intern Box.png Shovel.pngx1
Passport Level1Stamp.png
Architect: Complete all level 2 Passport Architect Box.png Passport Level2Stamp.png
Master Builder: Complete all level 3 Passport MasterBuilder.png Passport Level3Stamp.png
Build 100% of city Passport CityComplete Box.png Passport CompleteStamp.png



This city contains 172 levels, consisting of 120 normal levels, 40 side-levels, and 12 Helping Hand levels.


# Monument Levels Requirement Image
Bricks Hats Gems Green Gems
1 Coors Field 1-10 95,000 - - -
Denver Stamp01.png
Workers discovered several dinosaur fossils during construction, including triceratops bones, which the team honored by choosing a triceratops as their mascot.
2 Children’s Museum of Denver 11-20 220,000 - - -
Denver Stamp02.png
The museum began life in a converted school bus in 1973. Now it's grown to a 9-acre campus that serves around 600,000 children and their parents a year. Quite a journey!
3 Denver Mint 21-30 250,000 - - 2
Denver Stamp03.png
The Denver Mint is a branch of the US Mint that struck its first coins in 1906. The mint is still operating and producing coins for circulation (recognized by their mintmark of 'D'), and it is the single largest producer of coins in the world.
4 Clyfford Still Museum 31-40 280,000 - - 2
Denver Stamp04.png
After Still's death in 1980, roughly 2,400 works from his archives were sealed off from public or academic access for more than 20 years until 2004, when his wife chose Denver as the home for his remaining works.
5 Center for Colorado’s Women’s History 41-50 300,000 270,000 - 2
Denver Stamp05.png
Stop by to hear stories of the inspiring women who helped build Denver in the historic setting of the Byers-Evans House, which has been a home to inspiring women since 1883.
6 Denver Central Library 51-60 320,000 280,000 - 2
Denver Stamp06.png
The seven-story building is finished with limestone and pre-cast concrete with copper accents, and the interior features murals by Edward Ruscha, with real fossils embedded in the floor of Schlessman Hall.
7 Denver Art Museum 61-70 330,000 310,000 - 2
Denver Stamp07.png
Architect Daniel Libeskind designed the building's Rocky Mountain-inspired geometric shape, which features 230,000 square feet of titanium panels covering 20 sloping planes, none of which are parallel or perpendicular to each other!
8 History Colorado Center 71-80 350,000 320,000 - 2
Denver Stamp08.png
The center features six permanent exhibits - Living West, Colorado Stories, Destination Colorado, Time Machine, Denver Diorama and Denver A-Z. a journey through an alphabet of quirky tidbits about the city.
9 Molly Brown House 81-90 370,000 330,000 300,000 2
Denver Stamp09.png
The house is named for its former owner "The Unsinkable" Molly Brown, whose fame as a survivor of the Titanic disaster helped her promote social issues like women's rights, labor rights, literacy and education, and historical preservation.
10 Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception 91-100 400,000 350,000 310,000 2
Denver Stamp10.png
The cathedral features 75 stained-glass windows - more than any other church in America. In 1912, their total cost was $34,000, but today just one large window would cost more than $500,000!
11 Brown Palace Hotel 101-110 410,000 370,000 320,000 2
Denver Stamp11.png
The hotel has hosted many notable guests in its century-long history, including the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown, Queen Marie of Romania, The Beatles, and several US Presidents. Maybe you could be next!
12 Union Station 111-120 440,000 550,000 500,000 2
Denver Stamp12.png
A large arch once stood in front of the station featuring the word "Mizpah," a Hebrew word expressing a bond between separated people. Today, street signs in the LoDo neighbourhood have "Mizpah" on the back in tribute to the arch.

Helping Hand levels

Special Item Missions

# Levels Special Item Image Reward Citizen Character Quote
1 1-10 10 binoculars Denver SpecialItem01.png Orange Brick.png60,000 Denver Citizen01.png "Welcome to Denver! Binoculars might help me gain some perspective. Can you help?"
2 11-20 10 magnifying glasses Denver SpecialItem02.png Blue Hat.png70,000 Denver Citizen03.png "Can you focus in on finding a magnifying glass for me?"
3 21-30 10 spray bottles Denver SpecialItem03.png Orange Brick.png60,000 Denver Citizen05.png "Water" toy doing right now? Do you have time to find my spray bottle?"
4 31-40 10 pairs of headphones Denver SpecialItem04.png Orange Brick.png100,000 Denver Citizen03.png "Headphones are a sound decision in my job! Can you find some for me?"
41-50 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
5 51-60 10 portable radios Denver SpecialItem05.png Orange Brick.png100,000 Denver Citizen01.png "Some portable radios would help me get on the right frequency. Can you help?
6 61-70 10 visors Denver SpecialItem06.png Blue Hat.png100,000 Denver Citizen05.png "Sun visors would be a bright idea! Can you find some?"
7 71-80 10 bow ties Denver SpecialItem07.png Blue Hat.png100,000 Denver Citizen04.png "I'm tied up at the moment, but could you find my bow tie?"
81-90 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
8 91-100 10 helmets Denver SpecialItem08.png Orange Brick.png100,000 Denver Citizen02.png "I need a helmet before I get a-"head" of myself! Can you find mine?"
9 101-110 10 music sheets Denver SpecialItem09.png Pink Gem.png150,000 Denver Citizen04.png "I'm a bit stressed but sheet music would change my tune! Can you help?"
10 111-120 10 thermoses Denver SpecialItem10.png Pink Gem.png100,000 Denver Citizen02.png "I need to chill out with a warm drink! Can you help?"

Helping Locals

# Level Citizen Spend Reward
1 12 Denver Citizen01.png Blue Hat.png70,000 Orange Brick.png180,000
2 33 Denver Citizen05.png Orange Brick.png80,000 Blue Hat.png200,000

Green Gem.png4

3 56 Denver Citizen02.png Orange Brick.png70,000 Blue Hat.png180,000

Green Gem.png3

4 76 Denver Citizen03.png Orange Brick.png80,000 Pink Gem.png170,000

Green Gem.png2

5 92 Denver Citizen05.png Coin.png160 Pink Gem.png120,000
6 113 Denver Citizen01.png Coin.png330 Orange Brick.png220,000

Blue Hat.png170,000

Mystery Boxes

# Level Reward
1 24 Orange Brick.png170,000

Green Gem.png3

2 85 Blue Hat.png120,000


This track plays while on the city map.

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