Everest Challenge is an event in Gummy Drop!. The first event was released on March 28, 2017. Every event period is only up to 3 days. The first level called Base Camp.

On December 19, 2017, a tougher version known as Everest: Blizzard Challenge was released.

Gummy climbs up the mountain up to 5 levels. When you beat all 5 levels, you win the prize but when you lose or quit the level, you lose a life and return to the first level.


You arrived in Everest Challenge by Gummy in a building.
You will leave by red helicopter with Gummy and most snowflakes.


  • You've already scaled Everest! Watch for new challenges! (after claim your reward)


When you reach the summit of Mt. Everest, you'll receive rewards:

When the level failed

  • Level 1: Gummy will fall until the building
  • Level 2: Gummy will fall near the bridge
  • Level 3: Gummy will fall in a giant snowball
  • Level 4: Gummy will fall on the higher mountain
  • Level 5: Gummy will fall in the mountain with rope


  • "Get ready to scale Everest!"
  • "Set your sites on Everest!"
  • "Time to climb Everest!"


  • On September 28, 2017, an Everest Challenge was held lasting up to 4 days (instead of 3).
    • It was formerly the longest time the event took place.
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