Gummy is a main item in Gummy Drop!.

Regular gummies

These are the colors by the shapes:

  • Red Gummy Red (heart)
  • Yellow Gummy Yellow (circle heads)
  • Green Gummy Green (square)
  • Blue Gummy Blue (triangle)
  • White Gummy White (star)
  • Brown Gummy Brown (octagon)
  • Pink Gummy Pink (pentagon)
  • Purple Gummy Purple (hexagon)


These are the gummies with alternate looks:

  • Pumpkin Gummy Yellow (pumpkin)
    • Appears during the Halloween season.
  • Snowflake Gummy White (snowflake)
    • Appears during the Christmas season.


When materials are destroyed, they are collected. Each material is worth 10 in normal cities and 100 in event cities. When a level is completed, they are added to the total. They can also be collected in Factories. The materials are used in completing monuments and sold at offers for Coin Coins.

  • Orange Brick Orange (bricks)
  • Blue Hat Blue (hats)
  • Pink Gem Pink (gems)

Special material: Green Gem Green Gems

Special gummies

Create by matching 4 gummies in a column or row

Create by matching 5 gummies with 2 intersecting matches of 3

Create by matching 5 gummies in a column or row



  • Bricks are the only material to use every monuments in any city.