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Johannesburg is the 68th city in Gummy Drop!.


You arrived in Johannesburg by mini bus to rebuild the monuments.
After you rebuilt all the monuments, you will travel with Gummy by tuk-tuk to Macau.

Souvenir symbols

  • Johannesburg Souvenir1.pngChimpanzee
  • Johannesburg Souvenir2.pngDiamond
  • Johannesburg Souvenir3.pngHippo


Achievement Image Reward Passport Stamp
Build all monuments GummyDrop BuiltAllMonuments.png
Intern: Complete all level 1 Passport Intern Box.png Passport Level1Stamp.png
Architect: Complete all level 2 Passport Architect Box.png Passport Level2Stamp.png
Master Builder: Complete all level 3 Passport MasterBuilder.png Passport Level3Stamp.png
Build 100% of city Passport CityComplete Box.png Passport CompleteStamp.png



This city contains 173 levels, consisting of 120 normal levels, 41 side-levels, and 12 Helping Hand levels.


Helping Hand levels

Special Item Missions

# Levels Special Item Image Reward Citizen Character Quote
1 1-10
2 11-20
3 21-30
4 31-40
41-50 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
5 51-60
6 61-70
7 71-80
81-90 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
8 91-100
9 101-110
10 111-120

Helping Locals

# Level Citizen Spend Reward
1 15 Johannesburg Citizen02.png Orange Brick.png110,000 Blue Hat.png220,000
2 35 Johannesburg Citizen03.png Orange Brick.png110,000 Blue Hat.png200,000

Green Gem.png2

3 55 Johannesburg Citizen06.png Orange Brick.png120,000 Blue Hat.png200,000

Pink Gem.png170,000

4 76 Johannesburg Citizen06.png Blue Hat.png110,000 Orange Brick.png200,000

Green Gem.png4

5 95 Johannesburg Citizen03.png Blue Hat.png120,000 Orange Brick.png200,000

Pink Gem.png200,000

6 117 Johannesburg Citizen04.png Orange Brick.png120,000 Pink Gem.png200,000

Green Gem.png4

Mystery Boxes

# Level Reward
1 25
2 86


This track plays while on the city map.

Quotes by Sam

  • "Just in time for Johannesburg!"
  • "We're jubilant! You've reached Johannesburg!"
  • "You've jetted into Johannesburg!"


  • The hippopotamus souvenir also appears in Pretoria.
  • The chimpanzee souvenir also appears in Nairobi.