The Marathon Challenge is an event in Gummy Drop!. The event can last up to 3 days. This event was released on December 4, 2017.


  • It's a Marathon Challenge! Complete all levels to reach the finish line and collect prizes along the way!


The challenge appears on your current city in the game (excluding event cities, or cities unlocked with Travel Vouchers). To participate, you must play & complete levels that are marked with flags. Flagged levels with a medal above (MarathonBronze Bronze, MarathonSilver Silver, MarathonGold Gold) indicates that you'll receive a reward when you complete that level.


  • If you're on the last 10 levels on a city you're currently in, the Marathon Challenge will appear as soon as you unlock the next city. When you arrive to your next city, levels 1-10 will become Marathon levels.
  • If you have a landmark that needs to be built, you will need to complete it before playing Marathon levels beyond it.


By completing parts of the Marathon, rewards are given immediately after completing flagged levels with medals above.

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