Midsummer Meadow is the seventh special city in Gummy Drop!, the first city of summer season and the start of summer solstice begins in 2017.

As it has a limited time of 17 days to rebuild it's monuments.

The stamp symbol in this event city is sun.


You arrived in Midsummer Meadow by a deer with ice antlers to rebuild the monuments.
After you rebuilt all the monuments, you will leave by Gummy rides a boat.


Welcome to Midsummer Meadow! These goals are but a stone's throw away:
  • Collect all the gummies!
  • Greet the dawn of summer solstice!

Souvenir symbols

  • Three flowers


This city contains 86 levels, consists of 60 normal levels, 20 side-levels, and 6 Helping Hand levels.

Helping Hand levels


This track plays while on the city map. File:GD-Midsummer Meadow Audio.ogg

Quotes by Sam

  • "Celebrate the solstice in Midsummer Meadow!"
  • "It's newly sunrise in Midsummer Meadow!"
  • "Welcome to Midsummer Meadow!"
  • "What a glorious day just made it to Midsummer Meadow!"


  • The monument May Pole, there are 12 Gummies when they're rotate counterclockwise.

In other languages

  • French: Champ d'une nuit d'été
  • German: Mittsommerfest
  • Portuguese: Midsummer Meadow
  • Spanish: Pradera Pleno Verano
  • Russian: Летняя поляна
  • Japanese:
  • Italian: Radura di Mezza Estate
  • Dutch: Midzommerwei
  • Korean:
  • Chinese:
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