Resource Port is a sent materials in Gummy Drop!. Only available in world cities.

It cost 100 coins when you built it. As speed up cost 10 coins. Up to 4 hours when you sent either bricks, hats, or gem materials.

Resource Port is only use on earlier cities or a city with using travel vouchers, not the current destination.

Coins vs. materials upgrades

  • 0 coins and 1,000
  • 50 coins and 2,000
  • 100 coins and 4,000
  • 150 coins and 6,000
  • 200 coins and 10,000
  • 300 coins and 15,000

Quotes by Sam

  • "Row, row, row your boat!"
  • "You can bank on your boat."
  • "Your ship is coming in!" (when the materials are arrived)
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