Route 66 is the eighth special city in Gummy Drop! and the second city of summer season 2017.

As it has a limited time of 17 days in 2017 (12 days in 2019) to rebuild it's monuments.

The stamp symbol in this event city is Route 66 sign.


You arrived in Route 66 by a car to rebuild the monuments.
After you rebuilt all the monuments, you will leave by car and caravan.


First visit:

Time for a trip down Route 66! Complete these goals along the way:
  • Collect all the gummies!
  • See all the roadside sights!

Second visit:

Time for a trip down Route 66!
  • Explore the roadside sights!
  • All new levels and all new prizes!

Souvenir symbols

  • Route 66 sign


This city contains 85 levels, consists of 60 normal levels, 19 side-levels, and 6 Helping Hand levels.

Helping Hand levels


This track plays while on the city map. File:GD-Route 66 Audio.ogg

Quotes by Sam

  • "Buckle up for a rockin' road trip!"
  • "It's drive time! Get ready to road trip!"
  • "You're on the fastest route to fun!"


  • This is the only event city with number name.
  • Near the first monument in this city, from left to right, the four red signs are:
    • Go out in the air
    • Leave worries behind
    • We promise the gummies
    • Will wait for a time.
  • Near the third and fourth monument, from up and down, the six red signs are:
    • In the end
    • Get your kicks
    • You'll still
    • Don't fret
    • Winds and bends
    • Route 66
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