Sam new


Sam is the main protagonist in Gummy Drop!.

She teaches about the gummies, boosters, obstacles, etc. She does not appear in trailers, but Gummy Guy has appeared in animated trailers most of the time.

During the 3rd anniversary of Gummy Drop!, from Version 3.0 and beyond, Sam the travel blogger has been upgraded to a new look, with a new hat. Once you tap on a monument you have built which contains a fun fact, she will take a picture.

When you complete a level, she is very happy. When you failed, she becomes worried. And when a city is completed or when a level is completed after several failing attempts, she becomes joyful.

Outfit styles

Prior to Version 3.0

  • In the Everest Challenge, she wears winter clothing.
  • In Halloween 2016, she wears a purple witch costume.
  • In Christmas 2016, she wears a red Santa Hat.
  • In St. Patrick's Day 2017, she wears a shamrock-printed dress.
  • In Easter 2017, she wears a pink bunny costume.

Version 3.0

  • In the Everest Challenge and Powder Peak, she wears winter clothing but on Everest: Blizzard Challenge, in addition with sunglasses.
  • In Monsterville, she wears a witch costume.
  • In Santa's Workshop and The Land of Sweets, she wears a Santa hat and a sweater.
  • In Sweetheart Island, she wears a pink t-shirt and a skirt.
  • In Wild Plains, she wears an orange sweatshirt and cat ears.
  • In Mother's Day Garden Gala, she wears a white dress.
  • In Father's Day Barbecue, she wears a plaid shirt.
  • In Space Camp, she wears a spacesuit.
  • In Comic Convention, she wears her original outfit but wears an ID.
  • In Creature Feature, she wears a vampire costume.
  • During Building Rush, she wears a plaid shirt and a hardhat.


  • "Welcome back!" (prior to Vancouver update when you open the game)
  • "Where do you like to travel?" (voice on settings menu)