San Francisco is the third city and the first city of North America in Gummy Drop!.


Introduction: You arrived in San Francisco by a robot vehicle (formerly space shuttle) to rebuild the monuments.

Your main goal is still the same, but you will run into some new things as you advance further.

Epilogue: After you rebuilt all the monuments, you will travel by a van to New York.

New items

Souvenir symbols

  • Cable car
  • Peace symbol
  • Sea lion


When you complete all the levels

  • Intern: shovel and 67 coins
  • Architecture:
  • Master Builder:
  • 100% City:


This city contains 175 levels, consists of 120 normal levels, 36 side-levels, and 19 Helping Hand levels.


Extra levels


  • - Intern (Tier 1)
  • - Architect (Tier 2)
  • - Master Builder (Tier 3)
  • Bold - Side-levels

Special item quotes

Helping Hand levels


This track plays while on the city map. File:GD-San Francisco Audio.ogg

Quotes by Sam

  • "Leave your heart in San Francisco!"
  • "Welcome to scenic San Francisco!"
  • "Welcome to sunny San Francisco!"
Preceded by
Japan Flag Tokyo
City number
Succeeded by
United States Flag New York
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