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Sydney is the first city and the first city of Oceania in Gummy Drop!.

Sydney is located in the Australian state is New South Wales.

Sydney has revamped the new map since Version 3.0 update.


Introduction: You arrived from a cruise ship and greeted by Sam. You learn that "the world's gone gummy." It's your job, as the player, to play architect and rebuild the cities.

To reconstruct the city of Sydney, you must complete a total of 120 regular levels and build 12 of the city's well-known monuments. You will notice that Levels 1-10 are immediately visible, but the rest are not available. That's because you learn that after completing the first 10 levels, you can construct the first monument, the Australia National Maritime Museum. Every landmark requires resources that you can earn by completing levels. Once you gather the required amount of resources, you will be able to construct the monument. Once you do, you will unlock the next 10 levels to make your way to build the next monument as well. The process repeats, eventually leading to the reconstruction of Sydney's 12 monuments.

Sydney, Australia, is the city to start your journey in the game. The player will embark simple levels, face obstacles like Stickers, Paper, and Chains, and get to know some other features the game introduces as you advance.

Epilogue: After you rebuilt all the monuments, you will travel by a jet airplane to Tokyo.

New things

Not including basic gameplay features

Stickers, Chains, Paper, Score levels, Tile levels, Souvenir levels, Extra Time Gummy, Lightning Bolt, Combo, Kite, Plasma Strike, Shovel, Shuffle, Wind, Waterfall, Line Crush

Souvenir symbols

  • Sydney Souvenir1.pngBoomerang
  • Sydney Souvenir2.pngKangaroo
  • Sydney Souvenir3.pngSurfing


Achievement Image Reward Passport Stamp
Build all monuments GummyDrop BuiltAllMonuments.png Shovel.pngx1
Combo.png x1
Intern: Complete all level 1 Passport Intern Box.png Shovel.pngx1
Passport Level1Stamp.png
Architect: Complete all level 2 Passport Architect Box.png ColdFusion.pngx1
Passport Level2Stamp.png
Master Builder: Complete all level 3 Passport MasterBuilder.png Kite.pngx6
Passport Level3Stamp.png
Build 100% of city Passport CityComplete Box.png Passport CompleteStamp.png



This city contains 141 levels, consists of 120 normal levels and 21 Helping Hand levels. Each monument has 10 levels to be completed.


Helping Hand levels

Special Item Missions

# Levels Special Item Image Reward Citizen Character Quote
1 1-10 3 Batteries Sydney SpecialItem01.png Coin.png100 Sydney Citizen06.png "My flashlight's missing batteries! Can you help charge things up?"
2 11-20 5 crocodile eggs Sydney SpecialItem02.png Orange Brick.png1,200 Sydney Citizen03.png "Won't you scramble around to find crocodile eggs? It could be a snap!"
3 21-30 6 wombats Sydney SpecialItem03.png Orange Brick.png1,800 Sydney Citizen04.png "The baby wombats are missing! Can you "fur" sure help find them?"
31-40 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
41-50 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Trade Center builder.png Trade Center.png
4 51-60 10 sausages Sydney SpecialItem04.png Blue Hat.png1,000 Sydney Citizen05.png "Hot dog! We're firing up the barbie! Can you help?"
61-70 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
71-80 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
81-90 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
5 91-100 10 surfboards Sydney SpecialItem05.png Pink Gem.png3,600 Sydney Citizen02.png "Are you on board with helping me catch a wave?"
101-110 10 Gummy Guy Gummy Guy Resource Mart builder.png Resource Mart unbuilt.png
6 111-120 10 rare butterflies Sydney SpecialItem06.png Orange Brick.png7,100 Sydney Citizen01.png "I'd be all aflutter if you helped gather my butterfly specimens!"


This track plays while on the city map.

Quotes by Sam

  • "Get set for sunny Sydney!"
  • "Say g'day to Sydney!"
  • "Welcome to Sydney, mate!"


  • Sydney shares its music with Queenstown.
  • Weirdly, famed Sydney Opera House does not appear in the game, nor in the background.