"Let's Pond-er!"

Tokyo - HH Level 1 is the first and only Helping Hand level in Kyu-Furukawa Gardens, and the first in Tokyo. To pass this level, you need to drop 5 Koi fish food and score at least 75,000 points.


  • There are 2-layered stickers to block the exit. You need to clear it first before bringing the items down.
  • You need to break the chain before bringing down the 3 locked items.
  • With a small board and 5 colours, this may be hard to create any boosts.
  • Despite the 48 moves, you still need to earn another 25,000 points to pass.


  • Clear all the stickers at the last row. If possible try to clear the first and last columns as well to make more space.
  • Create vertical line boosts as it can bring the items down directly.


  • This is the one and only playable Helping Hand level that is available in Kyu-Furukawa Gardens.
    • There is another one after completing Tokyo Level 8-2, but it is not playable though.


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