Tokyo - HH Level 2 is the first and only Helping Hand level in Sensoji Temple (Asakusa), and the second in Tokyo. To pass this level, you need to move 5 levers from left to right 3 times and score 6,000 points in 38 moves or less.


  • This level is very easy as you only need to make a move which is adjacent to the lever three times to move it completely. It will take 15 moves minimum to move all the five levers completely.
  • There are only 5 colours on this level and the target score are very low. You can pass this level with a single try.


  • Match the gummies that are adjacent to a lever to move them once. Repeat this step two more times and do this with the rest of the levers.
  • If you haven't meet the score requirement, use the remaining moves to pass the target score.
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