Tokyo Level 12 is the second level in Sensoji Temple (Asakusa) and the 12th in Tokyo. To pass this level, you must clear 36 tiles, drop 2 souvenirs and score at least 48,000 points in 36 moves or less.


  • This is another multi-goal level. You need to complete all 3 tasks within a limited moves.
  • This board has 5 colours. Hence it is hard to make any boosts, especially with litters that are spawned.
  • The exits are blocked by 1-layered stickers. If it is not removed quickly, it will become harder to remove them when the second souvenir appears.


  • Remove the stickers as soon as possible.
  • Clear the tiles if you cannot clear any stickers for a while.
  • Make a vertical line boost to clear all the stickers in a column.

Level modes

Properties Modes
Architect Master Builder
Moves 34 32

Same as Intern

Score 106,000 points

Same as Intern

Score 168,000 points

Obstacles Same as Intern Same as Intern
Difficulty Medium Hard
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