Tokyo Level 14 is the fourth level in Sensoji Temple (Asakusa) and the 14th in Tokyo. To pass this level, you must clear 49 tiles and score 70,000 points in 25 moves or less.


  • There are five 10-moves bomb on the bomb. You need to remove them before it explodes.
  • Litters are also spawned from every move you make.
  • Luckily, you only have 4 colours on this board.


  • Remove every bombs before they explode.
  • Try to make a combination of Line Boost + Combo Boost to remove more tiles in one go. Or, mix two lightning bolts with each other to clear all the tiles.

Level Modes

Properties Modes
Architect Master Builder
Moves 25

Clear 57 tiles

Score 150,000 points

Obstacles Same as Intern
Difficulty Medium
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