Tokyo Level 19 is the ninth level in Sensoji Temple (Asakusa) and the 19th level in Tokyo. To pass this level, you need to drop 3 souvenirs and score at least 40,000 points in 30 moves or less.


  • This level may seems confusing because of the teleportation. Therefore, any planned moves or possible cascades may be wasted.
  • There are locked gummies on some of the exit paths. No gummies of that colour will be spawned so you need to destroy it by making boosts.
  • You only have about 10 moves to drop each souvenir. If you choose to drop it by teleportation, it will consume a lot of moves.
  • There are 4 colours on this board (not including the locked ones), so making boosts may be slightly difficult.


  • If you choose to drop it by teleportation, you need to understand how the items warps (see picture below). When you have reached the last teleport, it will become more difficult due to the limited space. So, try making a lightning bolt and clear any gummies that blocked the exit path. Or, mix it with a combo boost.
  • Another way is to remove the chains that blocked the exits, although it may need a vital planning and some good matches. Make a boost to destroy the chains and swap the souvenirs on their exit paths.
  • if you are lucky enough, try to make "Gummy Drop!" so that the souvenirs are instantly dropped.