Tokyo Level 5-1 is the first sub-level of Tokyo Level 5 in Kyu-Furukawa Gardens. To pass this level, you must earn at least 75,000 points in 22 moves or less.


  • You cannot make any move on the left side of the board, so you need to make combos to unlock it. However, it does not causes difficulty to pass this level.
  • There are 1-layered stickers which can be easily removed.
  • You need to score 75,000 points with a small amount of moves. But, this board contains 3 colours which is easy to make cascades.


  • Remove the 1-layered stickers at the center of the board right side.
  • Mix a lightning bolt with a line/combo boost to earn more points. You can make some moves at the left side once it is unlocked if you want to.
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