Tournament is the rank event in Gummy Drop!. Use the Line Crush to make earn points to become top rank. This event is only take in 2 days (48 hours). When you are in the rank, Promotion Zone is a green arrow while Demotion Zone is a red arrow. The total player in the tournament event is 30.


Bronze League

Top 1 to 5 rank to become higher league.

Silver League

Top 1 to 5 rank to become higher league while Top 26 to 30 rank to become lower league.

Gold League

Platinum League

Diamond League

List of rank names

  • Beautiful Backpacker
  • Breathtaking Roamer
  • Charming Photographer
  • Colorful Wayfarer
  • Confident Navigator
  • Dazzling Trailblazer
  • Delightful Guide
  • Enchanting Aviator
  • Enchanting Passenger
  • Excited Guide
  • Fantastic Hiker
  • Fantastic Jet-Setter
  • Gorgeous Aviator
  • Gorgeous Bellhop
  • Inspiring Mariner
  • Majestic Sightseer
  • Memorable Pathfinder
  • Relaxing Gallivanter
  • Restful Gallivanter
  • Restful Wanderer
  • Serene Globetrotter
  • Serene Pathfinder
  • Stunning Explorer
  • Stylish Pioneer
  • Sunny Aviator
  • Tranquil Mariner
  • Trustworthy Sightseer


  • Tournament event is the same boxes when completing all the levels in one city.
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