The Trade Center is a special building that appears at Sydney level 45.


The market is always in flux - but you can buy and sell resources daily at the Trade Center.


By collecting the 10 workers, you will unlock the Trade Center. A badge will appear on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) and you can tap/click on it to view it.

On the left is the "Buy Resources" section. This is where you can easily obtain bricks, hat, or gems. You can select the amount of resources you would like to buy. Each time you tap on the "+", the cost of coins will increase by 10.

When buying resources worth 10 coins:

  • Bricks: 5,000 per 10 coins
  • Hats: 4,000 per 10 coins
  • Gems: 3,000 per 10 coins

When selling resources:

  • Bricks: 1,000 per 1 coin*
  • Hats: 800 per 1 coin*
  • Gems: 600 per 1 coin*

On the right is the "Sell Resources" section. Every 24 hours, you will see 4 new offers to sell an amount of resources for a small amount of coins. In the mobile version, you can spend 750 coins to increase the amount of offers to 6.

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