Transylvania is the first special city in Gummy Drop! during Halloween 2016.

As it has a limited time of 32 days to rebuild it's monuments.

The stamp symbol in this event city is pumpkin.

This event city is the main character is Gummy Guy as Dracula.


You arrived in Transylvania by Gummy as witch to rebuild the monuments.
After you rebuilt all the monuments, you will leave by a pumpkin cart.


Souvenir symbols

  • Coffin
  • Pumpkin
  • Skull
  • Teeth


This city contains 99 levels, consists of 60 normal levels, 27 side-levels, and 12 Helping Hand levels.

Helping Hand levels


This track plays while on the city map. File:GD-Transylvania Audio.ogg

Quotes by Dracula

  • "Have some monsters fun in Transylvania!"
  • "Take a bite at the Transylvania!"


  • The Yellow Circle Heads gummy was retextured to resemble a yellow pumpkin by Halloween.
  • This is the only event city not mentioning Sam's quotes.

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